Magnetosphere of Mars

The idea of living on Mars has always had one major problem to deal with, radiation. Without a natural magnetosphere, those living on the surface would be subject to what the Sun will throw at them. Be it just normal levels or a Coronal Mass Ejection ( CME ). Perhaps we could build something that could mitigate the danger. A large electromagnet ( LEM ) that would no absorb the energy but divert it above/below the orbital plane.

Early Warning

Observing the Sun can greatly enhance what these great electromagnet stations could do. With light travelling faster than CME, early warning stations could inform the LEMs so that a better position could be attained to deal with the danger. The Sun peaks activity every 11 years so the probable design would be a burnout design. Think of a fuse for the spikes the Sun will send and would have until the next cycle to repair/replace the LEM.

Energy Management

The off peak times could allow the LEMs to allow the good light to be focused and used for biomes on the Martian surface. This would overcome the distance from the Sun leaving the surface far too cold for growing food in larger amounts.


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