Time for some writing/rewriting

I used to have my science fiction universe outline/recorded in wiki form. After taking a break from updating it a while I found out the web host, WetPaint, had cease to run as a wiki hosting site. Since I had lost all that information I was disheartened to make up the universe notes again. It is still in my head but on paper ( digital paper ) is a lot to put out there. I think I will stick with a Niven-eque where the universe is created and you can connect the dots later to create a galactic history.

One little tidbit I found in my google drive that was of interest ( but out of date, changed ) was a timeline I had started with. Again, with many of the ‘as seen in story <blank>’ these stories exist in outlines only or more likely in my head alone. The biggest edit is the timeframe, but the order of events are probably close enough. Enjoy!


2022 – return of man visits to the moon

2032 – first lunar colony ( Selene’s Sity )

2033 – first bacteria assisted human diagnosis completed

Story – B.I.A.

2039 – first man mission to mars

Story – Spuds

2043 – mars colonization begins

2044 – aware level system devised, Engineered Bacterial Awareness ( EBA ) allows Level 3.

2051 – earth economy collapse, mars forced independence begins

2060 – united nations takes control, economic repair begins

2064 – UNSA employs Level 5-EBA

2066 – corporations move to dominate resources of asteroid belt, causing earth/mars friction

Story – The rings of Saturn are made of gold!

2073 – unrest continues to rise on Luna due to abuse by earth leaders

Story – Lunar Madness

2080 – Luna independence declared, UN forces move in. Mars interference causes Earth/Mars open war

2085 – Mars government develops first artificial intelligence ( I.Q. of 67 )

2096 – Non Aggression signed, Luna independance, United System Council formed on Luna ( Members: UN, Luna, Mars, Jovian Trade Alliance )

2110 – First interstellar colony formed by EBA addiction/refugees in Sirius system

2132 – UN colonizes Alpha Centauri

2150 – AIs become modern everyday technology

Story – Tales of an electric plaid jacket

2195 – Secret digs find alien chambers on Ganymede

2205 – Jupiter gate discovered

Story – The Eye of Jupiter

21,000 – A.I. descendants of humanity make first contact


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