Some Tweets for thought

There are many reasons to follow someone on twitter; celebrity status, sports/news feeds, or even peer pressure from friends and family. The ones I look forward to the most are the creative types that use this 140 character format to do some great or just funny things. Here are my favourites you should check out.

Star Trek TNG Season 8

So what if the crew of the Enterprise under the command of the best starship captain ( that’s right Bill, THE BEST ) continued their adventures instead of flying nexus first into the movies? You get season 8 synopsis on the next scifi flying adventure.

Whoever writes this thing gets a lot about what makes the characters great and stretches that to the absurd.


The only downside is that it doesn’t get updated much anymore. Turned it into a book and settled for that is the Twitter dream.


Simpsons Quote of the Day

You think you know Simpsons references? Well the person who runs this takes that to the next level to make your day better. He uses pictures!


There are times I can’t think of the episode but this isn’t often as the quotes only come the first 11 seasons. The golden age of Simpsons quotes ( seriously, the movie is about where I get off the quote train *cough* spiderpig ).


Endless fun I tell you and tweets to respect the passing of Wes Craven.


So you might think this is a copout and it a way it is. But if you want to get the most out of your twitter feed follow along with this late night show. Some of my best moments on twitter are following their hashtag wars. Sure check out the show but the wars are where its at.


Ya that reminds me. Follow me on twitter if you don’t already do!



One thought on “Some Tweets for thought

  1. Agree about TNGS8 not updating enough. But if someone hasn’t read it yet, worth the recommend just to go back in their tweet history and laugh


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