Wanna hear my movie pitch?

One of my favourite shows on YouTube is Movie Fights by Screen Junkies. There they have real debates about fake things. Now and then they have the contenders make movie pitches, so I thought I would sell you one too.

Sebastian ( Daniel Radcliffe ) lives a meagre life in downtown London. His life gets turn upside when he gets tossed around by thugs looking for his professional thief father Mican ( Liam Neeson ).

Banged up and bruised and threatened unless he delivers his father, he is saved last second by his estranged brother William ( Andrew Garfield ) taken to secluded safety in Gibraltar. There Sebastian is reunited with his ex-girlfriend and Williams now wife Havanna ( Emily Blunt ).

They must work together to get to their father first, before the organized thieves guild after Mican; who is currently planning a heist of his own against the King of Morocco.

A mole within interpol, Agent Gratham ( Jeremy Irons ) is working with Mican’s exwife and Sebastians mother Monica ( Monica Belluci ) to set them up for stealing the Kings jewels.

Will they get to Mican in time? Will the previous sexual tension between Havanna and Sebastian break up Williams marriage? Can they use the skills taught by Mican to get the jewels without being caught by Gratham and Monica?

I don’t know about you, I am excited.


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