Strong Female Leads

As much as I attempt to cut the cord, I still love my tv. I don’t have cable and with free access to Internet at work I’m strongly consider going internet free at home too.

So where do I get my tv? Mostly parents dvr and at friends places. All of this is say, it a weird round about way, I need to keep up with the strong female leads in my life ( TV wise ).

A new one is coming in a couple of weeks, Supergirl. Unlike the comic book version ( who’s biggest enemy is her anger issues ) this one sounds like it will about the day to day troubles of her living amongst the Earthlings. I like where this can lead to better character development. In the comics you have to have her in costume, punching the baddies; as much as possible. I will report back to if it lives up to my hopes. For now I’m excited for it.

My original strong female lead was Buffy ( the vampire slaying one, not the other Buffy ). It didn’t hurt that I was the same age as her as the show went on. So in my teen brain she was also my tv girlfriend.

What really makes a great strong female is that they DO have everyday problems to deal with, while saving the world. They are grounded and you see them at their worst and watch them overcome.

Buffy had internal demons and punch demons in the face ( I’m certain I’m not the first to make that joke ).

Lastly, the most bizarre for last, is River Tam from Firefly/Serenity. She is a hard one to connect with as an adult character. It is the fact that she has been experimented on so she has the filter we developed to not say everything, that makes her almost childish.

I believe that she is 15/16 when the show starts but as she progresses into the movie we see someone very raw at times. She does not hide that but uses it to kick butt.

I try not to let my emotions run me, but River lets it out in spades. Strong but less relatable.

Honourable mentions: Echo ( Dollhouse ), Seven ( ST Voyager )


One thought on “Strong Female Leads

  1. Hopes for Supergirl. If it is good I will be happy. Though not sure if I will have the regular time to give it, and likely DVR it for another time.

    I do wish that it shared a universe with something else. Arrow/Flash are seperate from this one, and all of them are seperate from the film DC universe. Seems a shame, after seeing the tie ins done by Marvel/ABC.


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