Taking another tour

I love the martian. Not the bipedal green one, well maybe the manhunting one, but the Andy Wier book The Martian.

So I recently picked up the novel to read for the first time. I love a book I have not read. That’s because it was recommended highly and I went the audiobook route. A really well done one, with the narrator doing different inflections and voices ( while not going comical ).

Then news came that Ridley Scott was making a movie, starring Matt Damon as the martian himself, Mark Watney. I saw it opening day and loved it! Also they gave me a Ares III mission patch. So I am basically done my astronaut training and am ready to get my ass to Mars.

So… long story short I am reading the book now. On sale at Walmart and only now have I decided to physically read it. So far I am still loving something so familiar. Will let you know what I choose as my favourtie medium. So far the lack of character acting hurts the sections taking place on Earth. It’s just not written as well as Watney’s log entries. I would consider petitioning for a digital version that was ONLY the log entries might be interesting for rereads. For just his PoV.

K, I am going back to read it and will give a follow up later. DFTBA


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