My excuse to write

They say you should write excess to find success. Who says that? I did now but I found it too catchy that I presume they* say it as well.

Thanks to a friend of mine I am listening to a new podcast called Writing Excuses. I have been reluctant to post progress posts here because I was warned I will never get anytime done. So I can at least post about my progress of learning about my writing process.

You Have Been Processed was meant to be a way to hybrid of posts but from the point of view of someone not me. What better way to keep up on it? Turns out I was never happy by the time I was done the next part that I realized my process needed to be complete and separate from the blog.

The last good news about my writing process is that I will be working with a creative think tank for the Writing Excuses podcast. Other types who want to share our different voices/styles that I can meet and bring my results here.

Wish me luck! It can only mean more posts here for others to read.


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