Built on a solid Foundation

Currently occupying much of my time reading Isaac Asimov’s Foundation book series in a sort of book club. Well, since it’s just me and one other person it’s more of a book duel.

This series has been some of the best science fiction I’ve ever read. Well at least until I got to the new era of books 😔

He wrote the original trilogy in the 1940s and somehow wrote really compelling stuff with humans ever being to space yet. Sadly he wrote a follow up in the 80s that comes across as run of the mill gadgetry pulp. I hope it pays off by the end of the new books ( authors with respect get leeway with me ). 

Part of me really likes the style of pre moon landing scifi. The restrictions they dealt with can really make author maguyver something special.

[Edit]Also, my future rock band name is Seldon Crisis.

Stay tuned for final judgement from one angry scifi nerd


One thought on “Built on a solid Foundation

  1. I agree, the original trilogy was fantastic. The later series has some enjoyable aspects, but it was different in that he was both trying to fold his different anthologies into one (Foundation/Empire/Robot series), as well as especially at the end, he is writing from a different place in his life. Asimov had taken ill in the 80s due to an HIV infected blood tranfusion during heart surgey, and he knew he was in his final years, and I think his tone maybe changes because of it.


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