Shows I love/hate

I don’t watch a lot of current tv right now. I tend to pick and choose and not just keep the tv on. So I make a point of purchasing those I really think I will like and want to support. Even when watching TV it was ratings that proved a shows worth, now I buy seasons on iTunes to keep.

The Walking Dead

I know many a few that have given up on this show. It is not an exageration to say this show is barely behind Lord Of The Rings for most walking/talking. Its the characters struggles and the 4/5 action packed episodes a season that make me love this show. It really isn’t about the zombies, thats the handicap the humans have to work with. It’s about the struggle that borders on torture porn on the views part. We like to watch them suffer in this horrible life.

They are the walking dead and we are just waiting for them to make the right/wrong choice to get themselves/others killed. I look forward to having the next big bad ( for those Buffy fans out there ) being Negan. He might be Ricks’ Khan!


The X-Files

New episodes yay! Only six boo!

This was a show I did not think about for a long time. As I imagine most people who saw the last X-Files movie, it was ok but didn’t really do it for me. This season was something much better.

Without spoiling it too much I will say that there was not enough monsters of the week episodes. The ones they had were the most fun but not that many because of the limit of six episodes. Monsters Episodes B+, Conspiracy Stories B-.

Here is hoping we can get another season out of Anderson/Duchovny and maybe do a 10 episode season soon.


The Expanse

Those who know me, know I love this book series. A great space opera book that have characters I have really grown to care about and the universe they inhabit.

So imagine my excitement when they announced its adaption as a tv series. I couldn’t purchase this fast enough, even if it was another horrible SyFy Channel show, I would be there to cast judgment.

Good news was that those at SyFy put some effort on the level of Battlestar Galactica ( I always sold the book as being a mix of BSG and Firefly! ). Only a few casting choices I didn’t agree with but the show has been great. If you like science fiction then you have to watch this show.

I suggest that you watch the show and then read the first book. I think those who go in that order can enjoy the fun of the show and then the world building characters inner monologue is a lot of fun.


Downton Abbey

My guilty pleasure of a show. Who knew servants listening to others conversation could be so much fun? If you haven’t been watching already you must start from the beginning and see if it takes hold. Great production and british people acting make for some addictive tv.

Ya, its a little soap opera-ee but I think we all have the urge to follow peoples lives so intimately.


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