Let’s reboot this blog!

Kidding. I’m going Hollywood style and doing a soft reboot 🤗

My take on the Hollywood has always been at a distance, often movies that I have seen but not too much “ruined my childhood” reactions. Until that Ghostbusters trailer…

I’m not saying I won’t like it, if it’s different enough from the original. I watched the original ever since I could operate a VCR. Turn the audio off and I could quote the whole movie for you ( I don’t imagine anyone would take me up on that offer ).

I was ok with the 2009 Star Trek because it was at least doing its own thing. A thinly veiled trek version of A New Hope but still, was enough for me to like it ( until Into Darkness rehashed so much Trek bleh ).

So all of this to say, reboot/restarts can be great if you only sprinkle the original into it. This new Ghostbusters better not be like Ghostbusters 2 ( I liked the Reitman dir. Evolution movie though ).

Worst moment in Hollywood reboot history? When Spock yelled Khan after Kirk dying in Into Darkness. 


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