The Brave and The Bold New World

To say I am looking forward to Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice is an understatement. I know many will say, especially after the second trailer came out with all the spoilerific footage, that it does not look very good. I still think this will be a good movie if only because I will finally get to see Batman, Superman, AND Wonderwoman on the live screen.

Sure, we have had B and S in other movies, probably superior stand alone stories. What I am excited for is the very serious, very dark tone that these characters will inhabit. A movie where the stakes have never been higher, where what the right thing to do may not be clear; all the while not making Whedon-eque funny quips at each other.

Wonder woman is going to kick your ass if you try making a joke about her outfit. Batman and Superman are going to have something to fight about more than a simple misunderstanding ( thats about 60% of the plot of The Avengers ).

Here is the real kicker. I am ok with BvS being not a good movie in the end. If it only means an entire DCCU. The universe of that failed Green Lantern movie would have been lame. This gritty universe that will have The Flash, Cyborg, Shazam!, Aquaman ( who I insist will become one of the coolest superheroes/costume ideas next to Jack Sparrow now that he is the Kal Drago style badass ), and the rest of the Justice League.

I only hope the movies do well enough that they keep making them. I need an R rated Batman movie in my lifetime. ( I vote for a noir style Black & White Batman meets Se7en ).


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