10 Lebowski Lane ( spoiler review )

You ever feel like someone is pulling one over on you, but its of such quality that you don’t mind? Thats the feeling I got from seeing 10 Cloverfield Lane this week.

You maybe heard the stories about the movie, originally from a script called The Cellar but made into a spiritual sequel to Cloverfield. Sounds like typical hollywood business decisions. Thankfully the first 90% of this sequel is just really good. Sadly you spend the movie guessing what was plot pigeonholed in ( bottle of whiskey == Molotov Cocktail for example ).

The only weak part I thought from the good part of the movie was the character of Emmett. I found that he could have been more likeable for the audience, a guy who ran away from everything in his life and finally stands up for once in his life. Too bad it was the end of his life in this case. Still, when he is killed I think I might have felt more for him if they gave him more screen time. I know Michelle was the main but it could have taken very little to make me care more for him ( even if he had just said “I’m not running from my problems” when confronted by Howard ).

Final rating B+ ( A- if you walk out of the theatre when Michelle walks out of the shelter ). Best supporting actor goes to Bradley Cooper as angry boyfriend on phone.


2 thoughts on “10 Lebowski Lane ( spoiler review )

  1. A fan of the director, and from what I have heard, he said the ending was part of the script before he came on board. So it was at least part of the story for a while now, and wasn’t part of any reshoots or anything after the principal photography was done.

    That being said, the ending does seem to rub people the wrong way. It seems like two different kinds of films meeting together, and this is maybe something audiences are not used to.

    If this was a serial TV show like The Outer Limits, or The Twilight Zone, I could imagine the first episode being the first 90% of the film, while a follow up episode with the different genre, would be the second episode. Connected to each other, but with a break in the middle, so nobody gets jarred with the switch.

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