Opening line “They were all dead”

A story by Patrick Cullen. ( Feel free to leave some fun Opening Lines for me in the comments ).

They were all dead. I had plenty of opportunity to change things; the gift of super human speed.

I knew the day I got the ability to move super fast that I would do things to help my fellow man. That moment when you almost tripped into traffic while texting? Good chance that was me.

Comic books and movies would tell you that I should have a cool name and costume but really I never wanted to be a hero, let alone a super one.

People always say that when a terrorist attack happens that it happens so fast. To say it happened like that for me I hope describes how caught off guard I was. When the first explosion rang out I jumped into action.

I moved bystanders as rubble fell from where a building used to stand, moving carefully to make sure I didn’t hurt them more. I started checking for more bombs ( as if I would know what they looked like if it didn’t say TNT on it ).

As I moved people further and further from the centre of the chaos I began noticing those who looked at the disaster with calculating eyes. These men who looked like they should be in college instead of the downtown business district. It was only when one of these men dialed his phone as another explosion rang out.

They thought they would kill as many people as possible. It was to their surprise that they found the very explosives they triggered collapsing a building they weren’t standing in before.

The news reported how miraculous it was how few had died. So many buildings collapsing and everyone finding themselves blocks away. They reported that the government had been moving in on these terrorist cells and the few that got away attacked.

It was to everyones surprise that the attackers were the majority of the deaths. They were all dead and I wasn’t sorry.


3 thoughts on “Opening line “They were all dead”

  1. Here is hoping the TV series The Flash pulls this kind of thing. Barry cannot abide the evil actions anymore, and moves the villian in place of the victim, to suffer the consequences.

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    1. Less of a Flash story and more of a What If you could make a difference story. To do the ‘right’ thing and what that means.
      Also, too busy watching Kevin Smith crying while watching The Flash to figure out what’s ‘right’ in the world 😏


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