Batman v Superman ( Spoiler Free )

So even before I could write down my thoughts on BvS I have seen so many negative reviews on the internet. Things devolve into what is wrong or Critics vs Fans ( maybe thats the sequel )? So I know nobody is asking for my thoughts but I am writing them anyways.

This was a comic book movie, not a movie based on a comic book IP. The pacing is more reminiscent of new 52 Justice League comic. The reason I said JL not any Superman or Batman imprint is because the movie jumps around so much that really tells a bigger story.

I originally planned on writing a spoilerific review but instead I will say its a really good Dawn of Justice movie, just maybe not a good Superman/Batman film.


4 thoughts on “Batman v Superman ( Spoiler Free )

  1. Haven’t seen the film yet, but your thought process about judging it like a comic book, in terms of pacing and story, is exactly how I explained my issues with The Dark Knight. So I will have to see for myself.

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    1. I consider The Dark Knight to be a good movie disguised as a super hero movie. Begins & Rises both do lesser jobs but remain earnest.
      Not sure which I prefer


      1. Batman Begins, is probably the most evenly based film in that trilogy. Maybe not as good, but it doesn’t any real flaws (that I can remember), unlike the other two.


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