Devil Cakes

I awoke to a puff of smoke and the smell of rotten egg sulfur.

“Behold! For I am the dark lord! The fallen!” A voice boomed and rattled my bones.

I hopped out of bed to face what stood in the parting smoke. It was… a child.

“You say you’re the devil?”

“Mr. Satan, please.” He started walking around my room. Browsing through my possessions and I thought even admiring some of my book choices.

“So… why would the fallen one come and wake up a devout Athiest in the middle of the night?”

He chuckled and coughed in a sickly child like manner. “Are you now? The fact you see me before you means maybe you leaned more Agnostic. People like to vote Athiest when things are going well.”

“I don’t really think they do.” After a moment of him staring unconvincingly at me, I added “things aren’t going so well.”

“Do tell.”

“Why should I? Far as I know you’re not really here. I mean the devil pops into my room to see how my life is, to what? Make it worse?”

“If I’m not Mr. Satan. Who do you think I am?”

“Some demented joke with a magic trick smoke bomb. Besides, it’s not up to me to prove you are who you say you are.”

His laugh became harsher and ending with more gurgling.  “Really? Is your life so dismissive? Here…”

He produced a dirty mud covered lunch box. I recognized it as one I had as a child. Opening it, he took out a dagger covered in dirt and what seemed to be dried blood.

Without hesitation he slashed his hand a blood spilt onto the floor.

I recoiled as the floor burned as each drop of blood landed.

I fixed my posture to not show that I was bothered to see a child bleed burning blood.

“Yes. I’m am both sizzle and steak. Come with me, please.”

He began walking towards me and I held up my hands. “Hey. Whatever parlour tricks you might have can impress. Even if you are who you say you are, that’s a perfect reason I shouldn’t go anywhere.”

The last thing I saw was a creepy boys smirk and his sizzling blood spreading to surround me.


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