Writing Excuses

Friends and I are listening to the great podcast WritingExcuses. Our plan is to listen to season 10, which the makers of the podcast have built on the premise of getting from idea to finished story.

Here is my homework for Episode 1: Seriously, Where Do You Get Your Ideas? My 5 Story ideas from these sources.

Interviewing/Talking To Someone. What if you had to have a conversation with the devil sitting at Dennys’? Please see this one is actually finished over here.

Research. The readings can’t be denied, there is something Big out there, with a capital B. The man who sifts through the data see it but can’t understand. Until this point the observatory has read colliding black holes as the biggest of events. That was only a blip in the fabric of spacetime. This thing, whatever it is and wherever it is… is walking? Big giant steps that can be read by the gravity waves it makes?

Observation/Take A Walk. He can’t talk, let alone walk. He used to the best of the best. A wife and family, a mistress, and a mistress men would beg for. It all came apart one night that he tries to remember. 

During these walks, being pushed along by the only thing he has left, his sister. She talks about her life and hopes not knowing he tries to put together the pieces. Who attacked him that night that left him locked inside a prison of his own body. Who was it that went to such troubles to dismantle his life but leave him alive like this.

Piece Of Media. An away mission in the shuttle from the U.S.S. Titan. Captain Riker has decided to let chief engineer Crusher test his new transwarp drive system. Something to write home to the federation about. The gravity of the situation worsens as the test shuttle forms an accidental wormhole through both space and space. They are rescued from their crippled affair by a friendly species. They soon realize the species are the precurser to the Federations greatest threat… The Borg!

Piece Of Music. The Earth has become a hell. It’s hot and flooded. It seems it’s trying to kill humans than a place they can. One man works in secret to help people get to space. The rich and powerful control between the ground and orbit and will not share.

One man works tirelessly to save as many as he can. He is… The Rocket Man.


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