Keanu ( spoiler free review )

Whenever you go a house party, at least the kind that I attend, you get to the viral video part. That’s when people lounge and send videos to the Apple TV or chromecast with what’s cool and funny. The funny always includes Key & Peele, who just came out with a new comedy film, Keanu.

I was hesitant at first as skit doesn’t always translate to movie talent ( Wayne’s World and Brain Candy are exceptions that comes to mind ). It’s harder to maybe make a film length plot and sprinkle in that sense of humour.

I’ll get to the movie and say it’s a pretty funny pretty good movie. Not great in either category but I laughed enough and the movie had a decent story to follow.

It did faulter with traileritis, the illness of trailers using the best jokes so you find yourself skipping over jokes that would have otherwise do landed. Surprise cameos were funny and unexpected but fell comedy/action not action/comedy.

It’s a definite rental or wait till Netflix. I saw it on cheap Tuesday and that’s about as enthused you should be to see it in theatres.

Rating? Less than Hot Rod and more than The Ladies Man I will say.


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