DC tv universe

It’s less that 36 hours until I’m sitting in the theatre watching BvS and I’m passing the time watching Marvels Jessica Jones and season 2 Daredevil.

So I began to wonder, if DC wanted to go the edgy R rated Netflix route to tie into their movie universe, who would be my pick?

Things to consider are; gritty enough to be worth it; can be connected somewhat, like street level defenders; hasn’t been already ruined by lame-weight Arrowverse; and lastly, keep it with realm of a tv budget.

I think the best way to go is the offshoot justified leagues. No, not going JL Detroit here, how about United with a bit of Dark.

Animal Man. Let’s start off with the lighter maybe family oriented show. A man who can use the power of animals, a wife he loves and kids who he teaches to use the powers he has bestowed on them. 

Zatana and Constantine. Ya you bet I’m making them share a show! A series that can touch heavily on both characters back stories with flashbacks to lead up to their current problems, how they met, why they love/hate each other, and fighting some really cool monsters of the week. Think the x files of the DC. Also bring back Matt Ryan to play Constantine and make some comment about a vision of a parallel universe where he doesn’t smoke for some reason.

Deadman. Seriously could be a really great tv series. A ghost who can possess people but to do good things. A hero that needs others to save the day! Plus a cameo where Constantine tries to exorcism him in the previous series! My vote is for Doug Jones for Deadman.

The Martian Manhunter. Imagine a detective noir where the detective is secretly a shape changing alien who is the last of his species? I totally give bonus points for a cameo with Batman who are both solving the same case.

United. This is where the team works together to fight what Supes can’t. The final team up really should include Swamp Thing but I understand he might cost too much for a tv budget, save him for when they get their own Dark movie.

These are just the minimum ideas I could see working. Sadly I think with Arrowverse being so popular they will never go R Netflix. Maybe if Guilermo Del Toro can make the Dark movie himself I can live with that.