Some Tweets for thought

There are many reasons to follow someone on twitter; celebrity status, sports/news feeds, or even peer pressure from friends and family. The ones I look forward to the most are the creative types that use this 140 character format to do some great or just funny things. Here are my favourites you should check out.

Star Trek TNG Season 8

So what if the crew of the Enterprise under the command of the best starship captain ( that’s right Bill, THE BEST ) continued their adventures instead of flying nexus first into the movies? You get season 8 synopsis on the next scifi flying adventure.

Whoever writes this thing gets a lot about what makes the characters great and stretches that to the absurd.


The only downside is that it doesn’t get updated much anymore. Turned it into a book and settled for that is the Twitter dream.


Simpsons Quote of the Day

You think you know Simpsons references? Well the person who runs this takes that to the next level to make your day better. He uses pictures!


There are times I can’t think of the episode but this isn’t often as the quotes only come the first 11 seasons. The golden age of Simpsons quotes ( seriously, the movie is about where I get off the quote train *cough* spiderpig ).


Endless fun I tell you and tweets to respect the passing of Wes Craven.


So you might think this is a copout and it a way it is. But if you want to get the most out of your twitter feed follow along with this late night show. Some of my best moments on twitter are following their hashtag wars. Sure check out the show but the wars are where its at.


Ya that reminds me. Follow me on twitter if you don’t already do!


Time for some writing/rewriting

I used to have my science fiction universe outline/recorded in wiki form. After taking a break from updating it a while I found out the web host, WetPaint, had cease to run as a wiki hosting site. Since I had lost all that information I was disheartened to make up the universe notes again. It is still in my head but on paper ( digital paper ) is a lot to put out there. I think I will stick with a Niven-eque where the universe is created and you can connect the dots later to create a galactic history.

One little tidbit I found in my google drive that was of interest ( but out of date, changed ) was a timeline I had started with. Again, with many of the ‘as seen in story <blank>’ these stories exist in outlines only or more likely in my head alone. The biggest edit is the timeframe, but the order of events are probably close enough. Enjoy!


2022 – return of man visits to the moon

2032 – first lunar colony ( Selene’s Sity )

2033 – first bacteria assisted human diagnosis completed

Story – B.I.A.

2039 – first man mission to mars

Story – Spuds

2043 – mars colonization begins

2044 – aware level system devised, Engineered Bacterial Awareness ( EBA ) allows Level 3.

2051 – earth economy collapse, mars forced independence begins

2060 – united nations takes control, economic repair begins

2064 – UNSA employs Level 5-EBA

2066 – corporations move to dominate resources of asteroid belt, causing earth/mars friction

Story – The rings of Saturn are made of gold!

2073 – unrest continues to rise on Luna due to abuse by earth leaders

Story – Lunar Madness

2080 – Luna independence declared, UN forces move in. Mars interference causes Earth/Mars open war

2085 – Mars government develops first artificial intelligence ( I.Q. of 67 )

2096 – Non Aggression signed, Luna independance, United System Council formed on Luna ( Members: UN, Luna, Mars, Jovian Trade Alliance )

2110 – First interstellar colony formed by EBA addiction/refugees in Sirius system

2132 – UN colonizes Alpha Centauri

2150 – AIs become modern everyday technology

Story – Tales of an electric plaid jacket

2195 – Secret digs find alien chambers on Ganymede

2205 – Jupiter gate discovered

Story – The Eye of Jupiter

21,000 – A.I. descendants of humanity make first contact

Magnetosphere of Mars

The idea of living on Mars has always had one major problem to deal with, radiation. Without a natural magnetosphere, those living on the surface would be subject to what the Sun will throw at them. Be it just normal levels or a Coronal Mass Ejection ( CME ). Perhaps we could build something that could mitigate the danger. A large electromagnet ( LEM ) that would no absorb the energy but divert it above/below the orbital plane.

Early Warning

Observing the Sun can greatly enhance what these great electromagnet stations could do. With light travelling faster than CME, early warning stations could inform the LEMs so that a better position could be attained to deal with the danger. The Sun peaks activity every 11 years so the probable design would be a burnout design. Think of a fuse for the spikes the Sun will send and would have until the next cycle to repair/replace the LEM.

Energy Management

The off peak times could allow the LEMs to allow the good light to be focused and used for biomes on the Martian surface. This would overcome the distance from the Sun leaving the surface far too cold for growing food in larger amounts.